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New development of stainless steel reaction kettle-金伯利起重设备
New development of stainless steel reaction kettle

 From the industrial chain, the stainless steel reactor and the stainless steel reaction vessel on the downstream products are interdependent, competing for the development of the two industries. Iron and steel production enterprises through the steel deep processing products, and upstream and downstream enterprises to establish a long-term stable strategic alliance, conducive to the promotion of industry stainless steel reaction kettle, expansion quality, progress and market development of new varieties, the iron and steel products to extend to the downstream value-added, improve product market competitive ability the effective way. It can be said that the development of stainless steel reactor works has become China's stainless steel reactor production enterprises to respond to the fierce market competition, the development strategy to improve the competitiveness of products.
But compared with the stainless steel reactor industry developed countries, China's stainless steel reactor industrial system is still not perfect, and the Japanese and South Korea and other stainless steel reactor production compared, there is still a big gap. Stainless steel reactor industry started relatively late, the stainless steel reactor social demand growth speed too fast, resulting in China's stainless steel reaction kettle industry development must first solve the problem is the rapid progress of production, to meet the growing social needs, and gradually replace entrance, completion of the first "quantitative" and "qualitative" two step Pentium. At present, China's stainless steel reaction kettle industry development has been completed the process of accumulation of "quantity", is currently facing the "quality" of the transformation.
Through years of development, China's stainless steel reactor in the consumption structure, in addition to individual high-end products still rely on imports, in the low-end products has been basically can achieve self-sufficiency, stainless steel reactor consumption depend entirely on the entrance of the situation has greatly improved, the export volume is also in rapid expansion.
The rapid growth of our country chemical stainless steel reaction kettle consumption amount stimulated the domestic stainless steel reaction kettle industry rapid development, supported by government policies, less than ten years of short time, China's stainless steel reactor yield from 1998, more than 20 million Taiwan in 2010 increased to 100 million level.

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