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Sealing choice of reaction kettle-金伯利起重设备
Sealing choice of reaction kettle

The choice of sealing in the mixing and reaction vessel is especially important for sealing effect, safety, cost saving and so on.
1 first to clear the basis for the selection of the seal: first, the work pressure in the kettle, the second is the nature of the work materials. There is a device operating temperature.
2. Secondly to clear stainless steel reaction kettle with hermetic categories: reactor used for sealing is commonly referred to as the seal has two kinds, the first is packing seal, the second is mechanical seal, mechanical seal and seal for the unit (i.e., single face mechanical seal) and the dual seal (i.e. double end face mechanical seal), single seal the sleeve also comprises a water jacket, dual seal is more complicated, in water jacket (must have circulating cooling water), also includes the supporting bracket, a balance tank.
3. How to choose proper sealing: at room temperature and atmospheric pressure, the material is not volatile is not flammable and explosive conditions, to choose packing seal; at pressures less than 4 kg, material of volatile and flammable and explosive general conditions of use, single seal; in industry as a pressure more than 4 kg (but less than 10 kg), material easy to volatile and flammable and explosive strong conditions of use, you must double seal.
4. All kinds of sealing the advantages and disadvantages: packing seal the cheapest price, but only for the most common conditions and use of materials; single sealing moderate price can in the most general condition; dual sealing prices the most expensive, but under the harsh working conditions must be used.

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