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Reaction kettle industry has entered a new stage of development-金伯利起重设备
Reaction kettle industry has entered a new stage of development

Our country industrialization efforts to speed up the structure adjustment and transformation and upgrade, to achieve a sustained, stable and rapid development, to protect and promote people's health, react to natural disasters and public health events, promote economic and social development etc. to cast a more and more important role. Benefit in a reaction kettle enterprises for the development of a favorable policy environment, in recent years, continues to expand the scale of China's chemical industry, substantial growth in sales revenue, assets, the number of enterprises and number of employees, the overall industry showed rapid development of a good situation.
Reaction kettle is often used in industries of petroleum, chemical, rubber, pesticide, dye, medicine and so, to complete the sulphonated, nitrated, alkylation, hydrogenation, polymerization, condensation process, and organic dyes and intermediates of many other process equipment. In production automation and continuous instead of cumbersome clearance manual manipulation, such as the use of program control, can ensure stable production, improve product quality, increase revenue, reduce manual labor and eliminate the pollution to the environment.
The reactor equipment is a very important chemical machinery and equipment industry development process, the development of space is very broad. It firmly seize favorable opportunity for development, has entered a new stage of development.

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