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Water cooling drum drying crystallization film machine-金伯利起重设备
Water cooling drum drying crystallization film machine

Wuxi Huabao (slicer) manufacturers specializing in the production of water drum crystallizing and drying production machine, slicing machine for domestic manufacturing enterprises, the monthly production capacity reached 30, the current maximum specifications for phi 2300 x 3000, the minimum is Phi 400 x 500, in order to ensure the quality and accuracy of slicing machine, our purchase processing equipment are brand-name products, it has low cost, high precision and high quality advantage. In order to ensure the quality of the slicing machine, our company has a complete set of measuring instruments, which can guarantee the accuracy of the main parts of each slice machine in 10 wire. Quality innovation at the same time, we also have the courage to innovate technology, 09 years in May, the division of our own design of a key type of tool system for the majority of customer service. Convenient adjustable system upgrade, solves the operator adjusts the cutting tool precision and easy to damage the drum. System upgrade, the cost but does not rise, the embodiment of the advantages brought about by customers, the 09 year in July I Division chip orders reached 30 units, the annual sales of 175 units, for the industry leader. Wuxi Huabao is for customer service, for customers to reduce costs, Wuxi Huabao implements a machine management, to improve the efficiency of the workers, the slicing machine out of the feeding system was upgraded to a discharging mode, in the hopper material storage, workers can rest, think for the customers is always our Wuxi Huabao purpose. Customer satisfaction, our business to the greatest benefit.
Our major clients have: China Petrochemical Group, a subsidiary of branch (Sinopec qualified suppliers), Nanjing Chemical Research Institute, Wuxi Chemical Industry Group, carbon black Research Institute of Sichuan, Yixing Sanmu group, Chongqing Chuanqing chemical plant, Tongliao sea rain Chemical Technology Co., Ltd., Shangqiu Central Chemical Co., Ltd., Guangdong Demei fine Chemical Co., Ltd., Jiangsu Huifeng agrochemical.
Our aim is: quality assurance, reasonable price, good service, in order to participate in the competition!
Welcome customers to call to consult, to provide the needs of the production of materials, we can design the program for you.
Performance and characteristics of products:
1 there are 2 kinds of fabrics, points on the fabric and backward materials. According to the characteristics of chemical materials, single and double drum drum.
2 feed tank thermal insulation, thermal insulation, thermal conductivity, thermal insulation, electrical heating
3 equipment open and semi closed, all closed, vacuum, nitrogen protection.
The 4 blade material, brass, bronze, match plate, nylon, bakelite, phenolic resin, alloy blade.
5 out of the feeding system is single, double out, save out.
6 special requirements: the shape and size of the material, the thickness and size of the material can be guaranteed.
7 cooling or (heating) system is divided into jacket type or spray type and special spoiler technology, according to the size of the size of the chip and the characteristics of the material to set
Meter, which can improve the heat exchange efficiency and increase the drum strength, and improve the relative product yield and the actual measurement than conventional production machine can be provided
High 0.3 to 1 times the yield.
8 cooling water using rotary joint, can reliably prevent water leakage, and the application of the new process, reducing the amount of cooling water consumption.
. drum on both ends of a heat insulating layer and a side scraper, both ends of the drum does not produce material, and both ends of the drum without friction power consumption, eliminating the for face material
Start the problem of instability.

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